Bourbon Cask Strength

Coalition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Cask Strength

Proof: 114

Is a masterful blend of select, old Kentucky Bourbons, all at cask strength as the name indicates. Hand bottled and released in very small batches – it is delicious and rare. It suggests fruit over the top of rich syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg tied in with earthy notes. On the palate it is as smooth as butter, creamy and well-rounded. The finish is mildly sweet with a teasing woodsy aroma.

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Looking for The Perfect Whiskey Gift?

All Coalition Whiskies start from a 100% Rye mash bill – a true rarity in the whiskey world – with 10% of that being malted. This exceptional hand-crafted whiskey, aged in American white oak barrels for five years, is then skillfully finished in Bordeaux wine barrels for up to nine months come packaged in Art Deco-inspired ridged glass bottles. When light hits the ridges you get a spectacular alluring view of the whiskey glowing inside. It makes Coalition Whiskey a perfect gift for the real whiskey lover. 

3 Coalition Whiskey Bottles

“Get them what they really want. Coalition Whiskey is one of 21 superb whiskeys to gift this holiday season”

Part of a series of ryes finished in wine barriques from regions of Bordeaux. Spice and sweetness meet happily on the palate, bringing chocolate-covered raspberries, brown sugar, baking spice, and lemon meringue pie.

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